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Glenn Miller

Devonian Consulting

When I first used CamTrader, I came across a good investment opportunity which worked out beyond my expectations. For buying and selling CamTrader reaches out to the right people and works well!


Vince Eggleston


CamTrader is my one stop for everything from event tickets to job opportunities. I can rest easy knowing that you can trust its members to do business.

Tyler Heathcote

Ridgeline Canada Inc.

Thanks to CamTrader, it was easy to find highly qualified applicants without any hassle.


Luana Johnsgaard


CamTrader has helped me reach people through a trusted network to promote my travel business. I have been a professional travel consultant for over 30 years. I have wonderful, loyal clients and rely on their referrals and repeat business. I encourage people to research online, but have an insured, certified travel consultant take care of all the arrangements.


Sieg Mueller

Westbrick Energy

I can’t believe how quickly CamTrader worked!


Mike MacDonald

Nine Energy Service

Thanks for sending out Cody’s resume. He’s gotten numerous calls back and already accepted a position.