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Keneco Environmental Services (2000) Inc. is a fully integrated environmental service company which provides exemplary service to the upstream oil and gas industry throughout Western Canada. Since its inception in 1994, Keneco has established itself as a proven leader in the environmental industry offering services from regional locations throughout Alberta, British Columbia, Saskatchewan and Manitoba. Keneco is comprised of a highly skilled management team and  experienced staff that provide incomparable service in Environmental Assessments, Drilling Waste Management and Land Remediation / Reclamation. We excel in our ability to surpass our clients’ evolving expectations and needs in an experienced, timely and cost effective manner. We approach every job with open communication, professionalism and a positive attitude, which allows us to maintain our high degree of customer service that our clientele has grown accustomed to.

Environmental Assessments

Keneco Environmental has been conducting Environmental Assessments for our clients throughout Western Canada for over 19 years. Our team of dedicated professionals can develop and implement comprehensive solutions that ensure compliance with client and regulatory requirements. Keneco Environmental offers a full range of Environmental Assessments in the areas of:

  • Environmental Planning
  • Wellsite / Pipeline Pre-Disturbance Assessments
  • Environmental Due Diligence / Liability Assessments
  • Waste Tracking & Manifesting
  • Well Inspection & Site Assessment Reports (WISAR)

Drilling Waste Management

Keneco Environmental Services (2000) Inc. has been providing cost effective and timely drilling waste management solutions across Western Canada since 1994. During that time there have been many changes in provincial drilling waste management regulations and technologies for the management of drilling waste. Keneco Environmental Services remains an industry leader in offering compliant, comprehensive services in the areas of:

  • Drilling Waste Management Planning
  • Cost Effective Disposal Solutions
  • Drilling Waste Disposal Tracking and Manifesting

Land Remediation / Reclamation

Keneco Environmental has wide ranging experience in developing, carrying out and completing remediation and reclamation programs throughout Western Canada.

Keneco’s professionals are experienced and knowledgeable in all aspects of provincial regulations and guidelines and provide Land Remediation and Reclamation services in the following disciplines:

  • Spill Response
  • Site Remediation / Reclamation
  • Detailed Site Assessments
  • Reclamation Certificates/ AORs
Q Do you have Saskatchewan Offices?

Yes! We have an office in Weyburn Saskatchewan and a new office comming soon in Swif Current Saskatchewan.

Q Does Keneco offer Spill Response?

Keneco Environmental is capable of proving spill response services throughout Western Canada including British Columbia, Alberta, Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

Our range of spill response services includes:

Spill site assessment including mitigation, testing, remediation/clean up as well as site restoration and monitoring.
Landowner and regulatory consultation including report preparation and submission
Assisting in developing best management practices and spill response planning programs

Q What type of Planning do you do?

The first step in obtaining a license, disposition, or right-of-way is to assess the physical environment in which the activity is to be placed. Environmental Planning, when completed first, prevents unnecessary spending due to re-surveying, field scouting, regulatory conflicts/non-compliance, and time delays.

Keneco Environmental offers the following Environmental Planning services:

Environmental Protection Plans
Conservation and Reclamation Plans
Native Consultation
Mitigation Plans (Caribou Protection Plans, wetlands, sensitive wildlife/habitat)
Enhanced Approval Process (EAP)
Environmental Screening Proposals (Special Areas, Indian Oil & Gas, Saskatchewan Crown Lands)
Regulatory Compliance (Water Act Notification, Fisheries and Oceans Canada, ERCB Mitigation)
Water Diversion Approvals & Water Crossing Notifications
Construction and reclamation project management and monitoring