Production engineer will work for food (47 Visits)

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Let's meet for lunch and you can tell me your issue.

I will come up with a flat rate to resolve it to your satisfaction, if I don't resolve it then the only money you have spent is buying lunch.  I can work on an agreed up front flat rate for resolution or just my regular hourly rate, it is up to you.  I have worked on and resolved the following issues many times and I am very familiar with what it takes to get the job done:

  • Compliance issues - flat rate per item
  • Raise LLR - flat rate per $10,000 decrease in liabilities
  • Improve op-ex - flat rate per $0.01/BOE yearly projected decrease
  • Review third party fees - flat rate per $10,000 of property yearly net improvement
  • Resolve lost volume dispute with third party - flat rate per $10,000 of product recovered
  • Resolve fee dispute with third party - flat rate per $10,000 reduction
  • Improve production - flat rate per yearly BOE forecasted increase
  • Improve water disposal/injection capability - flat rate per m3

Once I have an understanding of how complex your problem is I can come up with a flat rate, if I don't resolve it then you don't pay me anything.  Alternately if you prefer I can work for the usual contract hourly amount.